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Timothy Cooper is the author of two novels: World One (1990) and 2020 or My Name is Jesus Christ and I'm Running for President. He is also a composer and pianist. His recently released third solo piano CD, Global Skies, was met with international critical acclaim. It  got into the Top Ten on the Zone Music Reporter international music charts in 2018 and has been on the ZMR Top 100 charts for six months. In addition, Mr. Cooper is an internationally-recognized human rights advocate, working various issues around the world, including Palestinian-Israeli peace, as articulated in his recent Global Policy Journal article, Sea for Peace in the Middle East. He is also currently leading a consortium of major international companies to help low-lying nations cope with the existential crisis posed by global sea rise.

Finally, Mr. Cooper is a fine arts photography. His museum-size World Walls mural, The Great Wall of Humanity No. 1, is composed of 54 luminous lightbox images. It's envisioned to be displayed at a scale of 54 ft x 24 ft.  His World Lights Murals: Humanity Lost No. 1 & 2 are composed of 12 luminous lightbox images. They're envisioned to be displayed at a scale of 21 ft. x 18 ft.

Contact: timothycooper@protonmail.com

Author of   2020  , Timothy Cooper

Author of 2020, Timothy Cooper